Whether you are a school or an institute offering academic, artistic, self defense, or any other type of extra curricular knowledge SiiMii is for you. SiiMii is a unique platform that brings together the best in technology, and the excitement of creating a secure portfolio for your students.


SiiMii is a Portfolio and Communications platform that allows instructors to capture moments in a student’s learning progression and growth by recording audio, pictures and videos of key achievements, milestones, and the overall journey. Record a Mother’s Day project from inception to completion, a campaign for Class President, a debate and so much more. Parents love to cherish every moment of the journey and their children’s growth.

With SiiMii, institutes can:

  • Offer a unique product and service.
  • Differentiate from the competition.
  • Create a new revenue stream.
  • Create a new buzz without any additional investment.
  • Start offering it today without any additional systems or tools.
  • Leverage existing staff.

Offer it to your students today! Reach us at or +1.818.610.3316.



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