If you are a grandparent, an uncle, an aunt or a family member living away, you miss not only spending time with your loved ones but also watching them grow and sharing memories together. You, more than likely, live through the following situations:

  • Waiting for pictures and videos to be shared on social media.
  • Waiting for pictures and videos to be shared via messaging apps.
  • Worrying about memories being shared with tens and hundreds of strangers.
  • Not having a private, secure channel with your family.
  • Watching the excitement, and joy of accomplishment.
  • Pictures and videos stored on your smartphone, tablet, social media and your computer.
  • Lost pictures and videos because your device needed to clear some space.
  • Wanted to capture memories at your child’s ballet, art, swimming or holiday shows but you are not allowed.

Welcome to SiiMii!

Life on-the-go is the new normal and grandparents, uncles, and aunts are always at the mercy of parents to share memories on social media. Always waiting for the next installment of memories to be shared. SiiMii offers a unique way to view and cherish memories in real time and without waiting!

With SiiMii, family members, a.k.a. Connections, can:

  • Stop worrying about losing pictures and videos.
  • Build a portfolio of memories from all family members.
  • Quit worrying about finding the right spot in a crowd for taking pictures and videos.
  • Stop waiting to see important memories, shows and events.
  • Sit back and enjoy memories from an hour ago or a decade ago from a single app.

If a single app to cherish memories without doing any work or worry sounds like a great idea, get SiiMii for your family today – Because life is made precious by memories.

Reach us at or +1.818.610.3316.



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